Why decentralization needs more than cryptonetworks – the Internetome

Aldous Huxley (1937) regarded the decentralization of industry and government necessary for a better society. Norbert Wiener’s insights (1950) into the dynamics and ethics of humans and large computer systems hinted at the advantages. Marshall McLuhan (1962) anticipated a shift from the centralized mechanical age to the decentralized electronic age, coining the term global village as shorthand […]

Technology trends relevant to change management

I have been invited to talk about tech trends relevant to change management at this evening's London meeting of the Change Management Institute. I'm keeping most excellent company alongside Karolina Lewandowska, Change and Transformation Manager at Google UK, and Faith Forster, Founder and CEO Pinipa. The image here is taken from an excellent blog post […]

BT’s social failure drives customers away

You'll know that consumer facing organisations are investing shed loads in social media. Right? But how intelligent is this investment? Are they even getting the basics right? Thinking or just acting? This is the number one differentiator in my book between the success stories and the also-rans. There are those who truly 'think' social. They […]