Toward a social compact for digital privacy and security

Updated 16th September, embedding the videos of the session below. The Global Commission on Internet Governance ( was established in January 2014 to articulate and advance a strategic vision for the future of Internet governance. With work commencing in May 2014, the two-year project is conducting and supporting independent research on Internet-related dimensions of global […]

Destroying the web

[Written for the CIPR Friday Roundup.] The Internet is the most powerful, flexible and critical infrastructure ever invented. Every aspect of our daily lives is supported by this wondrous invention. But here's the important thing. We've passed the point where the fabric of our societies is supported by the Internet – the all pervasive Internet […]

The Internet we know and love is at serious risk

[Originally written for the CIPR Conversation Friday Roundup.] Public relations – the pursuit of mutual understanding and goodwill – has been transformed by the Internet. Of that, no regular reader of The Conversation and the Roundup can be in doubt. And yet it is all too easy to take the Internet for granted. The way […]