A majority now or when it matters? #thefiftypointtwo

The quickest glance at my posts and tweets will tell you two things: (1) we just voted on a multi-faceted complex issue with too little understanding further muddied by the lies pedalled by both sides, and (2) I believe everyone in the UK is better off by our remaining in the European Union. There's a reason […]

Doh! Can we have another think about this Brexit thing please?

On June 23rd 2016, 51.9% of UK voters opted to leave the European Union. I’m writing here to say: We made a mistake We should have another think about it, and The Liberal Democrats might hold the key and not realise it. _________ UPDATE: Approximately eight hours after my post here, Liberal Democrats pledge to […]

The EU Referendum campaigns should learn from Aristotle

An email sent to all my friends and family. There's no doubting Aristotle was a rare genius. Encyclopædia Britannica calls him the first genuine scientist. And it's amazing that here I am in the 21st Century emailing you (and in fact just about everyone I know with an email address) about the insights of a […]