Learning to measure and measuring to learn

The CIPR is in the process of updating its research, measurement and evaluation guidelines (PDF). The current edition is dated March 2011 and harks back to when I used to chair the CIPR's measurement deliberations; the current initiative is being led by Matt McKay and Martin Turner. Here's a short but important extract from the […]

Share This Too

Ever since we started the CIPR Social Media Panel we've been a pro-active bunch. I haven't got the stats to prove it, but I'd bet the panel is the most active CIPR group. We launched the successful "Social Summer" sessions, developed Wikipedia guidance (subsequently adopted by equivalent organisations in Canada, Australia and South Africa), created […]

What is social business?

[Originally written for the CIPR Friday Roundup.] I've been writing Friday Roundups for five and a half years and this is my last one. The circulation has grown from eleven to nearly eleven thousand, we merged it into the CIPR three years ago, and I'm delighted it's carrying on in their safe hands. We have […]

How dare they!

[Written originally for the CIPR Friday Roundup.] You should not make edits to a Wikipedia entry when you have a conflict of interest, as any PR practitioner does in relation to their employer or client. Simple. This Wikipedia rule is reflected precisely in the CIPR's Wikipedia guidance, published by the social media panel last summer […]

Do you believe it?

[Originally written for the CIPR Friday Roundup.] The 2007 report from the Arthur W. Page Society, The Authentic Enterprise, identified four new leadership priorities and skills demanded of the Chief Communications Officer: Leadership in defining and instilling company values Leadership in building and managing multi-stakeholder relationships Leadership in enabling the enterprise with ‘new media’ skills […]

Are you a professional or a user?

I've never been fond of the word 'user'? It lacks the caring qualities of a much more appropriate word, customer, and even evokes images of substance abuse. On making this point, I'm asked what I'd call people benefitting from a service or application without handing over their hard-earned. Well, customers of course. In such situations […]

The CIPR Friday Roundup +/- 5 years

[Originally written, obviously, for the CIPR Friday Roundup.] The Kardashians first appeared in October 2007 just as it was becoming difficult to get a mortgage. I don't believe the two were related. I also sent out the first Friday Roundup... to eleven recipients. Five years and 250 editions later (missing out the festive seasons), it's […]

Internal communications discussed on CIPR TV

The latest episode of CIPR TV went out live yesterday afternoon, with plenty of interaction from the audience. The programme's guests are Jenni Wheller (@jenniwheller), Internal Communications Manager at SSP UK, and Mike Grafham (@mgrafham), Head of Customer Engagement at Yammer. I think you'll agree the audience's questions and the guests' responses make for an […]