Future Vistas for SEO

Future SEO Vistas 2012 from Philip Sheldrake The Brighton SEO conference is, I believe, the largest of its kind in the UK. We're expecting over 1,000 delegates today. I'm up immediately after the "Ask the engines" panel featuring representatives from both Google and Bing, and you can peruse my stack above on where I think […]

SEO changing up its game… it’s called PR

My recent post "Where's your brain at? Where's your consultancy at?" was prompted by a fascinating discussion at the CIPR Social Summer session on the 1st July at which we debated aspects of search engine optimisation (SEO) and the PR profession's paralysing hesitancy to grasp the SEO nettle. Well personally I'm excited not paralysed, and […]

Where's your brain at? Where's your consultancy at?

Do you 'do' search engine optimisation? If so, it seems you are most probably a SEO consultant because public relations consultants who 'get' SEO appear to be very thin on the ground. Not only that, but some argue that's how it should be. Nixon McInnes’ managing director Will McInnes, ever the polemicist perhaps, asserted during […]

Visualise your SEO

Tableau Software knows just a thing or two about data visualisation. A spin out from Stanford, the company won the CODiE award for best business intelligence solution 2008... it's amazing what the faculty of visualisation can do for your intelligence, or your PR as anyone who has followed my obsession with data visualisation in public […]

Summize – Twitter sentiment analytics

Those of you who follow my blog will know I'm currently into Social Web Analytics. Here's my last post on the topic. So some interesting news from Summize's labs, a new semantic analysis tool to give you a snapshot of the feeling in the Twittersphere. Simply go here and enter the brand or object name […]

Does your campaign measure up to search?

The evaluation of PR campaign effectiveness is controversial. Forget for a moment the inadequate practitioners that insist all PR must have a benefit so better just get on with it than devote energy to measuring it, and you're left with an array of evaluation processes as diverse as the number of agencies. Return on investment […]