Influence in the age of the social web – keynote to EUPRERA

It's a beautiful sunny Spring day here at the EUPRERA Spring Symposium in Lisbon. It's my first time at this gathering of the European Public Relations Education and Research Association – the forum for innovative PR research and education – and I'm delighted to have been invited to deliver the keynote. Thanks to Philip Young […]

The Marketing Century – a compilation of expert insight

You can now get your hands on The Marketing Century – out this week – a compilation of expert insight across a wide gamut of marketing and PR related topics to celebrate the centenary of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). The chapter outline here is based on the book's introduction. I'm delighted to have […]

Meanwhile, a new approach to marketing and PR consultancy

I've teamed up with some very useful chaps to form Meanwhile. We're defining venture marketing. Before I explain that further, I'll elaborate on the main trends that make me think Meanwhile is precisely the right approach at the right time. In short: Previously distinct disciplines are converging There is a renewed focus on measurement and […]

The 2011 Plan

Let's talk strategy. Without thorough strategy, one is resigned to contribute nothing to living up to your organisation's mission and pursuing its vision. Thoroughly resigned. And the turn of the year is an apt time to take the strategic long view. But let's begin with the shortest view. David Meerman Scott's latest book 'Real-time Marketing […]

The next big big thing: it’s happening now

Marketing and PR as we know it today have been transformed by two massive technological revolutions. The first was the Web, when the Internet became user-friendly, and its subsequent social morphings. The second was the mobile phone and its current zenith, the smartphone. These are the two giants to which most everything else that's changed […]

Real-Time Marketing & PR

David Meerman Scott's new book is out, Real-Time Marketing & PR – How to instantly engage your market, connect with customers, and create products that grow your business now. I've been gearing a client up for real-time marketing and PR recently. I'm in the midst of helping them prepare for the launch of a gorgeous […]

Friday Roundup: Are you an Influence Professional?

Public relations isn't just media relations. Marketing isn't just promotion. Promotion isn't just advertising. PR isn't just one-way. Digital isn't just Web. I'm writing a book, provisionally titled Influence Professional. It's about influence and a new role in the marketing and PR mix. It's also about taking a good look at where marketing and public […]

Contribute to the Influence Professional book

I'm writing a book, provisionally titled Influence Professional. And the reading, the planning, the structuring and first few chunks of copy have been enjoyable in a hard work kinda way. It's 27 months since I was engrossed in writing the Social Web Analytics eBook 2008, and I'd forgotten how intense writing more than 140 characters […]

The Friday Roundup: The ASA’s misstep

Some things aren't quite as simple as first they seem. And when this is the case, it's good practice to consult widely. And on this count, the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has failed. On 1st September, the ASA announced: "Landmark agreement extends ASA's digital remit". The scope of its Committee of Advertising Practice, the […]