What, exactly, is the value of social?

The past several months have been hectic for the steering teams at AMEC and The Conclave ahead of the AMEC European Summit in Madrid, 5th - 7th June. We've been trying to pull together a cohesive and cogent set of definitions for social media measurement, and my last post described just one such workstream, on defining influence.

It's gone very well so far I think, not least due to the earnest leadership from people like Barry Leggetter, Katie Delahaye Paine, Richard Bagnall and David Rockland. So well in fact that we're now left training our attention on perhaps the biggest question of them all: What's the value to my organization of doing all this stuff?

It's a tricky question once you've found all the good reason to ignore much of the smattering splattering the web, but one I believe can be approached effectively with diligence and professionalism. The slidestack here is my contribution to the debate, and I hope it motivates you to contribute your points of view.

6 thoughts on “What, exactly, is the value of social?

  1. Nice deck Philip, you have a great knack of bringing clarity to the complex. And measuring social media conversations and interactions is indeed complex.

    Sorry not to be seeing you at AMEC's conference in Madrid next week, but thank you for all of your contributions to the social media group and importantly all of your persistent hard work to bring clarity and better understanding to the wider market place.



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