A majority now or when it matters? #thefiftypointtwo

The quickest glance at my posts and tweets will tell you two things: (1) we just voted on a multi-faceted complex issue with too little understanding further muddied by the lies pedalled by both sides, and (2) I believe everyone in the UK is better off by our remaining in the European Union. There's a reason […]

Doh! Can we have another think about this Brexit thing please?

On June 23rd 2016, 51.9% of UK voters opted to leave the European Union. I’m writing here to say: We made a mistake We should have another think about it, and The Liberal Democrats might hold the key and not realise it. _________ UPDATE: Approximately eight hours after my post here, Liberal Democrats pledge to […]

Workfront and the future of work

The Future of Work – Workfront Leap 2016 from Philip Sheldrake   I'm in Orlando Florida this week with the Workfront team and their partners and customers for their annual Leap conference. It's my privilege to participate in a panel session on the future of work, and to deliver a session with the more grounded […]

On the future of manufacturing

I was invited last week to talk about the future of manufacturing at an event run by the manufacturing practice of one of the big law firms. Here's a whistle stop summary. It's a mind-blowing vista. Intro On considering political, economic, social and technological factors, it's unarguable that we're contemplating major flux in manufacturing. As […]

A haiku for the prospects of the sociotechnical

Yesterday, at Southampton University, my WAIS colleague Ian Brown challenged me to write a haiku to describe my research interests. Here's my effort, the first time in a decade of blogging that I've posted poetry ... and quite possibly the last time too! we in our biome add data and shake open an Internetome