Destroying the web

[Written for the CIPR Friday Roundup.] The Internet is the most powerful, flexible and critical infrastructure ever invented. Every aspect of our daily lives is supported by this wondrous invention. But here's the important thing. We've passed the point where the fabric of our societies is supported by the Internet – the all pervasive Internet […]

Banking your reputation

[Written for the CIPR Friday Roundup.] Matt Ambrose posts this week about Red Hot Openers that Get Readers Eager for More. So here goes... The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) enables financial institutions worldwide to send and receive information about financial transactions in a secure, standardized and reliable environment. How am I doing […]

Are you a professional or a user?

I've never been fond of the word 'user'? It lacks the caring qualities of a much more appropriate word, customer, and even evokes images of substance abuse. On making this point, I'm asked what I'd call people benefitting from a service or application without handing over their hard-earned. Well, customers of course. In such situations […]

Who are you?

[Originally written for the CIPR Friday Roundup.] Identity is not a black and white thing. Sure, at one end of the spectrum anonymity reigns. This is the world of 4chan, the popular image-based bulletin board from which famous memes such as lolcats and Rickrolling emerged. At the other end of the spectrum we have passport […]

This decade’s number one revolution

“Data is the new oil." So said Clive Humby back in 2006. "Data is the new soil" said David McCandless in 2010. In between, in 2009, Meglena Kuneva, European Consumer Commissioner, said: "Personal data is the new oil of the internet and the new currency of the digital world." I've long been excited about the […]

Social media are the eggs in the social business cake

A thrill of working in a fast changing market is the opportunity to innovate. A burden of working in a fast changing market is the need to bend existing language to new concepts. And of course, evoking existing language evokes existing meaning ... both an advantage and disadvantage. So, we've been working with social media […]